Watching MySpace Glee auditions makes me uncomfortable

One of the many things I’ve learned from US Weekly is that if someone releases an embarrassing video of you on the interweb, the general idea is to cover it up like whoa.  This view has been sufficiently rocked upon receiving way…way..WAY too many links and pleas to watch Glee auditions on MySpace. And then to give them a Gold Star.  No, seriously.

What…the…fuck people?  On every level this is so embarrassing.  First, let’s point out the obvious: you’re on MySpace.  Did you come across this audition opportunity cruising for late night local hook ups? No? Lies: the only people left on MySpace just want to fuck…and post the occasional self-revelation survey.

Secondly… you’re participating in an open audition…that involves singing…and it’s not even for American Idol.  At least if this were for American Idol, there’s the chance that you just wanted to fulfill your lifelong dream of Randy Jackson calling you “Dog.”  We’d all understand that.  This online Glee audition thing, you’re just sitting in your bedroom, singing a pitchy version of “Rain on My Parade” and dreaming of having a fan page on facebook. It’s sad, Dog.

Thirdly…you’re singing “True Colors.”  Well, most of you are.  Here’s the song list. Spoiler alert: I’ve been masochistically watching these all day and have yet to find someone who picked The Rolling Stones.


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3 Responses to “Watching MySpace Glee auditions makes me uncomfortable”

  1. Oscar Says:

    This makes me hate life. And is one hilarious tumblr waiting to happen.

    Some good ones:

    and by good i mean awful.

  2. Rocio Dragun Says:

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  3. lol Says:

    You seem like a very sad pretentious person.

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