Why do people make sex noises in work out classes?

I am kind of a work out class aficionado. I’ve tried yoga, pilates, bar method, step aerobics, spinning, yoga booty ballet, and even cardio strip tease. You name it, I’ve probably done it at some point. What I haven’t done? Cried out in sexual ecstasy in the middle of a set of lunges.

The same cannot be said for at least one person in almost every work out class I’ve attended. Good lord. Without fail, just when it gets really hard (pun totally intended), someone lets out a moan that in no way whatsoever can be related to exercise. Really makes me lose my focus, and also makes me want to take 2 showers.

Just me? Here’s the deal: I can’t focus on toning my trapezius when that shit is going on three mats down. Sometimes I feel like taking a quick stretch break and asking pleasure center “so…what’s going on with your mid-lunge orgasm?” but I guess that would be awkward. Informative, but awkward.

The only answer I can come up with to this is these people have been watching exercise porn, or that Olivia Newton John “Physical” music video on loop, and have a Pavlovian conditioned tie between exercise and sex. While I’m sure this helps THEM get to the gym on the regular, it’s weirding ME out.

So let’s come to an agreement: you can love working out…but you can’t LOVE working out. And if you can’t hold back on your work out lust, I recommend work out videos. Light candles. Make a night of it. AT HOME.


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One Response to “Why do people make sex noises in work out classes?”

  1. Laura Says:

    I feel the same way! This happens in my strength training classa all the time, and I dont really know what to do. I know that they are probably not trying to sound like they are in bed but…heh.
    Good luck in your future gym adventures.

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