Is there an international symbol for “I’m wearing this ironically?”

There really should be.

I just got an Ed Hardy shirt in a gift bag.  To clarify, I use the term “Ed Hardy shirt” like most people use the word “Kleenex:” it’s not brand specific, but it’s an understood term for “tie dye shirt with foiling and terrible patterns worn by douche bags.” Anyway, my mind immediately went to places I could wear this shirt ironically.  Because it’s funny to wear an Ed Hardy shirt ironically, right?

Yeah, I just have to throw it away. At the moment there is no international symbol for “I’m wearing this ironically, or I’m doing this ironically.”  Until there is, Ed Hardy shirts are out of the question.  As are the following things:

Taking a stretch hummer limo to a party
Renaissance Faires
Putting a u in words to spell them more English-y
Seeing Twilight
Watching 2 ½ Men
Voting Republican
I Love NY T-shirts
Ithaca is Gorges T-shirts
Gold Chain jewelry
Starline Bus Tours
Saddle Ranch
Flashing gang symbols in pictures
Name dropping

The one exception:


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