What language has my computer defaulted to?

Somehow my internet has switched languages over the weekend.  I’m unclear as to exactly how this has happened, and have NO idea how to change it back. Because it’s in…what language is this???

The same thing happened to my iPod once…only it was in Mandarin and involved symbols that were impossible to Google.  I kept it like that for awhile though – added an element of surprise re: what song was coming up next.

This element of surprise is way less fun with the Internet as a whole. 

I have a few theories on how this happened.  This could be a Google’s special day thing.  You know…like when we learn about the creator of Pac Man…or other important people like Tesla.  Google, if you’ve fucked my shit up because it’s national..Dutch? Day (right? could be Dutch?), this is way more annoying than when you spell out Google in trees for Earth Day. Get your shit together Google neukers…and maybe bring back PacMan day. That was fun.

Lost might also be to blame because, according to both Facebook AND Twitter, Lost is to blame for just about everything.  Perhaps I’m in sideways world, and in this world I also speak…German? Looks German-ish.  Anyway, who do I need to touch to remember my language skills? Shit – did I die? Am I dead blogging right now? Are all 10 people that read this also dead? Is Desmond going to bring me to a concert and then church?   Everyone else seems to be blaming Lost for their general discontent with life at the moment, so I guess it makes sense to blame Lost for this. Lindelof, you Arschlöcher.

Another theory: One of my trashcan spitting or shit stain leaving co-workers is fucking with my shit.  Well, look who learned enough…Russian? Looks severe, could be Russian.  But seriously, look who learned enough Russian to figure out that Nyt Indlaeg means New Post. What up now, cykns??


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