Wine tastings


Upon further research, it’s called the “dump bucket.”  Alternatively, the “swill bucket.”  The real question here though is…


I mean, you got me.  Who dumps out wine?  Seriously, if you’ve already paid for the wine, why the fuck are you dumping it out?  Really?  Wine’s so bad you can’t finish that one ounce pour?  I can’t even with you right now. 

There are so many better options of what to do with that remaining less than an ounce of wine.  Although I am shocked that people who would use the dump bucket at wine tastings have friends, I’m sure they do.  No one goes wine tasting alone.  Perhaps offer the remaining wine to one of your friends.  They’ll like you more, and let’s face it, you need all the popularity points you can muster if you are the type of person that dumps out wine at wine tastings.

Another option is to spill it.  I know this sounds childish, but if you really insist on not finishing your one ounce pour of wine, this method looks less douchey (albeit more drunk) than using the dump bucket (and btdubs, most foul sounding wine term ever, right?).

Another feasible option is to just, I don’t know, finish it yourself.  Perhaps one of the reasons you are dumping said wine is to show off your wine knowledge.  Well guess what, wasteful fuck face.  You can make even more of a statement about your wine knowledge by saying something borderline douchey like “wow this one really opened up” or, if you’re still committed to hating on said wine “I really expected this to open up more than it did” than just tossing it in the dump bucket and saying “bad.”

Get your head in the game.  There are sober people all over the world, and you’re throwing wine away into a dump bucket.  You are what’s wrong with this world.


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2 Responses to “Wine tastings”

  1. Dan Says:

    I use the dump bucket.

  2. Max Says:

    Just give it to me – I’ll always finish your wine. Seriously, just shout out my name — i’m usually near by.

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