Bottomless Poolmosas

All I want in life this Sunday is to sit by a pool and have someone bring me bottomless mimosas…for like $20.  Is that so much to ask?


I would settle for being at a hotel that had a pool, indulging in said $20 bottomless mimosas (And BTdubs, I’m being generous with the $20.  I typically pay between $9 and $13 for my bottomless mimosas, but I’m willing to add the ++ for this fantasy).  There is nothing better than an afternoon of bottomless mimosas, and then dipping into the shallow end of a pool where the water friction (or whatever it is that makes old people do aerobics in the pool) keeps me standing.  Is that possible?


So I guess the real question I need to address today:

With a heavy heart, I admit I can’t give a good answer for this one.  Although not a GOOD alternative by any means, I think the best of this worst situation involves just regular bottomless mimosas and a squirt gun.  Maybe a super soaker.  Even that only brings it to the level of white wine by the pool.


One Response to “Bottomless Poolmosas”

  1. Max Says:

    I know how you feel. The other day my Butler sprained his ankle and I had to answer the phone myself. It was horrible.

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